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Wasatch Ponds started when I decided to learn how to make a pond for my family to enjoy at home. After countless hours of studying out the best materials and methods I decided to join Aquascape Inc for several builds. There I learned Aquascape's tried and proven methods that ensure ponds and water features are done right and work like nature.

Wasatch Ponds follows Aquascape's processes and methodology to build ecosystem ponds, pondless waterfalls, and fountaincapes here in Utah, at the base of the Wasatch mountains.


All our water features are built using only the best products and methods, that's why we have chosen to use Aquascape products exclusively and why I became an Certified Aquascape Contractor. 

We have water features for just about every budget, and we will always provide a fair and honest price. And above all, we guarantee that your water feature will be done right!

Carpe Diem,

Robert Lofgran

Wasatch Ponds Founder, Artist

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pondless waterfalls


Pondless waterfalls, sometimes called disappearing waterfalls are waterfalls that recirculate water from an underground water basin down a beautiful waterfall and/or stream. Each waterfall, like all water features from Wasatch Ponds is a one of a kind piece of art. Pondless waterfalls can fit just about anywhere!

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Ecosystem ponds


At Wasatch Ponds, each pond we build is not only a custom piece of art but is also a custom ecosystem. Our ponds work with nature to keep your water clean and clear, and your fish healthy. We can do extremely small and extremely large ponds, whatever fits your yard and your budget, we're here for you!​



Our fountains can be added any other water feature. Stand alone fountains, like pondless waterfalls, recirculate water from a water basin. Like pondless waterfalls, there is very little maintenance for fountains. and they can fit just about anywhere.

Wasatch Ponds also offers the following services:

  • Monthly Maintenance Service Plans Starting at $175 Monthly

  • Spring Clean-outs and Start-ups Starting at $650

  • Winter Shut-downs Starting at $250

  • Repairs/Retro Fits/Rebuilds, Consultations Starting at $175 (Consultation Fee Applied to Project Cost)