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About us

Learn a bit about Wasatch Ponds and it's mission to stay small, and family owned.

How it happened

Sterling Acomb Jr - 18y/o

I was always into odd jobs and side hustles. From construction work, fixing up cars, or delivering bounce houses for a party supplies rental company, I dreamt of having something of my own. One day, I needed a job as I had quit my gig at a restaurant cooking food. My mom saw a post on Facebook from my neighbors about help they needed for their pond building business, so I sent them a message.

I started working at Wasatch Ponds when I was 16, helping with builds and driving to maintenance clients. However, my neighbors who started the company decided they could either keep up with the work load, or spend time with their family, and decided on the latter. The supplies were sold and I was ready to move on until my neighbor, and old boss mentioned he still had ownership of the name "Wasatch Ponds". Over the next few weeks I worked with them to get the website, LLC., and other legal items transferred over to me. Now we work with clients all over the valley, serving them with what we do best, pond maintenance!



Where I want to go

Being one who enjoys the serenity and nature of a well built water feature, I hope to help others enjoy them a little more too. In order to do that Wasatch Ponds will stay small, personal, and flexible. I believe it gets harder to to take care of everyone the bigger you get, so I strive to remain family owned and customizable.

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